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Creating the original using an acetate overlay

The original artwork is initially drawn out in pencil, and then photocopied on to an A4 sheet of acetate.  

The acetate is laid onto a light box and overlaid with a sheet of watercolour paper.  The image is then traced onto the paper, and coloured in using Ecoline coloured inks.  

When complete, a fresh sheet of acetate is laid onto the watercolour paper and the black lines are drawn in with ink, giving a very clear sharp line - a technique Bestie first used when working in comics.  The inked acetate is photocopied onto another sheet of acetate, aligned over the image and secured with masking tape.

As such, these original Bestie cartoons come in two pieces - the coloured image on watercolour paper, and an acetate overlay.  It may also include printers marks and registration marks as this is the original working artwork that was used to produce all subsequent versions. 

Watercolour paper with acetate overlay - the original Bestie artwork

Bestie Store - Original Artwork

All of Bestie's cartoons and cards once started out as an original piece of artwork.  These rarely become available and are completely unique, so are the ultimately collectable item for any Bestie fan.

These are not prints - these are not cards - these are the ORIGINAL hand drawn cartoons on watercolour paper with acetate overlay.

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Original Artwork

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